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Vehicle Transport Gap Coverage

5 FACTS About Car Shipping Insurance That You Don't Hear About

  • 1Most car shipping complaints are from damage to vehicles and an inability to get compensation.
  • 2An alarming 1 in 20 vehicles get damaged on average during the shipment process.
  • 320% of all claims are not successfully settled or are delayed indefinitely.
  • 4Most minor damage is only discovered after a vehicle is delivered and the carrier has left.
  • 5Car shipping companies know about these concerns but have little or no remedy for them.

We Strongly recommend you ship your vehicle with a broker that offers the AFta PLAN



Businesses who are authorized agents for the AFta PLAN will have this banner displayed on their website. By clicking on the banner you will be able to view their agency rating and status. Click on it now for a sample preview.

(Please type in the first three letters of your service provider's name or their MC# to see if they are a registered Agency.)


Shipping Your Vehicle? We have you covered!