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Vehicle Transport Gap Coverage

The AFta PLAN for vehicle shipment protection can be purchased through your auto transportation broker only if your broker is a registered AFta PLAN agent. The plan can neither be sold directly by carriers, nor can it be purchased personally by customers.  If your broker is not a registered agent, you can either request them to sign up to become an agent or use one of our listed registered agents.

Plan Types

Standard Coverage (SC)

Standard Coverage provides customers with:

Major Damage Coverage should a carrier or it's insurance fail to compensate for damages. It compliments personal insurance.

Minor Damage Coverage should damage be detected within 48 hours after delivery

Car Rental Coverage should extreme delays occur in the shipment process

Lost/Stolen/Damaged Key Coverage 

Payment Cancellation Coverage (PCC)

Payment Cancellation Coverage provides customers with: 

Reimbursement of deposit costs should a shipment need to be cancelled AFTER DISPATCH BUT PRIOR TO PICK UP due to unforeseen and/or extreme circumstances 

Comprehensive Coverage (CC)

Includes both Standard Coverage (SC) and Payment Cancellation Coverage (PCC).